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Well...Katie and Stephanie... -.-


It's been months. I've been busy.

I did another show.

"Showcase 2009".

That would be my third show!!! :)

It was a lot of fun!!!

We did things from 42nd Street, Grease, South Pacific, Follies, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Anything Goes, and many more songs and scenes.

We even did a dance to the MONSTER MASH!!! (The showcases always take place Halloween weekend, so we always have some spooky number)

It was a good show!!!

Unfortunately, on opening night, two girls from the show were suspended from school! We tried to get the VP to move the suspension to next week, but he couldn't. We all had to pitch in and learn new parts. I had to learn a dance combination for "The Monster Mash". (I really wanted to be in that number, but not this way.) I had to be a zombie...well..a part of the Crypt-Kicker Five...

Here's the Monster Mash for y'all:

Hmmm... What else is new???

Thursday night was our school's "Coffee House", where members of our band and chorus got to sing or a play an instrument for us. I didn't want to do it, but after watching it, I wish I had!

There are so many talented people in our school!!! :)

It was so successful that we are having one in the spring.

You can count me in!

Oh, and now I have found another favorite song. My friend Jessica sang it and my other friend Rishi played guitar.

It's "Misguided Ghosts" by Paramore.

I loooooove Haley Williams' voice in this song.

YouTube Update:

I have deleted most of my Zanessa videos. (Some are still up!) I gave my channel a new look, and I am making more videos.

I've posted some new ones like "What's REALLY in my Dance Bag?". I have a piano creation, and even a music video.

I have some ideas for other videos.

Go check it out at youtube.com/user/splitster7, yo.

So that's it. I'll update more frequently...I hope xD

but I'm just a ghost.......