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What Went Down

Hello World!

It's been days...weeks...months....years...Okay! Maybe just a few months! I've just been uber-busy with my schoolwork, dance, and the play. Has anyone heard of the musical "Curtains"? It was on Broadway last year, for only a year, because it was some sort of special engagment. Lyrics by Fred Ebb, and music by John Kander, with additional lyrics by Kander and Holmes. It was created by the creators of "Carbaret" and "Chicago", so it ought to be good! (Believe me, it IS!) I finished my last performance about 3 weeks ago. Did I have a name? No. It's only my second show, and my first musical. I danced, I sang, I splitted. Yadda yadda yadda.

So my last post was about the Kids Choice Awards. As you may (or may not know) The nominations listed?


So we got some cute pictures and such that I haven't reported. Ohhh wellllll.....

Oh, and the Oscars? Yep! That was not a lie! It was AMAZING! :)

So many things happened that I'm just too lazy to report. Maybe if I was here when it happened, I would.

Here are SOME things:

ZV at yet another bball game. NBA=PDA

17 Again was amazing!!!!

Zac's New Movies:

The Life and Death (or is it Death and Life?) of Charlie St. Cloud
Jonny Quest (Confirmed!)

Vanessa's New Movies:
Sucker Punch

WHAT is with the "size" ads? It's soooo annoying!!!!!

YAWN. I'm a little tired of typing right now. PEACE! :)