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Well...Katie and Stephanie... -.-


It's been months. I've been busy.

I did another show.

"Showcase 2009".

That would be my third show!!! :)

It was a lot of fun!!!

We did things from 42nd Street, Grease, South Pacific, Follies, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Anything Goes, and many more songs and scenes.

We even did a dance to the MONSTER MASH!!! (The showcases always take place Halloween weekend, so we always have some spooky number)

It was a good show!!!

Unfortunately, on opening night, two girls from the show were suspended from school! We tried to get the VP to move the suspension to next week, but he couldn't. We all had to pitch in and learn new parts. I had to learn a dance combination for "The Monster Mash". (I really wanted to be in that number, but not this way.) I had to be a zombie...well..a part of the Crypt-Kicker Five...

Here's the Monster Mash for y'all:

Hmmm... What else is new???

Thursday night was our school's "Coffee House", where members of our band and chorus got to sing or a play an instrument for us. I didn't want to do it, but after watching it, I wish I had!

There are so many talented people in our school!!! :)

It was so successful that we are having one in the spring.

You can count me in!

Oh, and now I have found another favorite song. My friend Jessica sang it and my other friend Rishi played guitar.

It's "Misguided Ghosts" by Paramore.

I loooooove Haley Williams' voice in this song.

YouTube Update:

I have deleted most of my Zanessa videos. (Some are still up!) I gave my channel a new look, and I am making more videos.

I've posted some new ones like "What's REALLY in my Dance Bag?". I have a piano creation, and even a music video.

I have some ideas for other videos.

Go check it out at youtube.com/user/splitster7, yo.

So that's it. I'll update more frequently...I hope xD

but I'm just a ghost.......

The Last Weekend...


Voting for the 2009 MTV Movie Awards ends May 27th, and we have to vote, vote, vote!


Best Movie- Well...I honestly think we don't have a chance with this one...
Breakout Female Performance- Vanessa Hudgens
Male Performance-Zac Efron
Best Kiss-Zac and Vanessa

We have 3 days left!



How to Film a Movie....???

Yeah...I'm pretty sure my friends have no clue how to do that....:P

Anywhoo...we are trying to film a comedy of the ever-popular "Twilight". (It's not really a parody.)

Apparently...we can't keep at straight face at all! AHH!

We just ATTEMPTED to film the hospital scene...not much luck.

Rebecca, who was playing Charlie...was weeping like crazy...and laughing her mustache-clad head off....

Tori, who was playing Carlisle, is the person who would be drunk at a party without consuming any alcohol WHAT.SO.EVER.

Be warned.

There is great chemistry between Bella and Edward.

Both of them are girls.


Soo yeah....

I, however, try to be normal. It's really hard.


Oooh! We just put sparkles on "Edward".


"Bella" just said she has a stomach ache....oh never mindSomeone else came. CHRISTINA IS NOW BELLA!

Ok.... going back to the movie....will it be the next summer blockbuster?


Sorry for the randomness...I'm at a party and I'm writing this as it happens! :)



Here is the post post as I promised to....no one. Myself?

Anywhooo....It was well-written, there was some humor, the vocals were great, everything was historically accurate...

Okay, even if it was a little boring...it was GOOD!

One of my favorite songs was "The Lees of Old Virginia".


^^That's from the movie version.

So I was reading the playbill and I happened to be looking at the name "Aaron Ramey". He plays Richard Henry LEE!

It said that he was in CURTAINS! (Curtains is my life!)

I seached his name, and he was Harv Fremont! ( I LOVE Harv!)

I was very, VERY happy to find out that little piece of information!


Today I'm going to see a musical called '1776' at the Paper Mill Playhouse with my friend today! Her birthday is on Monday, and this is an early birthday present...


It's about writing the declaration, and starring people like Washington, Hancock, Adams, Jefferson....etc. I've never seen the movie, but she sent me snippets of it on youtube. It actually looks hilarious! I'm going in a few hours...but when I come back, I'll make a post....post!

Ooh! Yesterday was my school's junior prom, and there was a pre-prom party at the house right acrosss from me! I loved seeing all of the pretty dresses! <33


And I wonder where V is headed off to....Japan? :)
Well...first of all....HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! I sent my Mom this E-Card from JibJab. GENIUS! It was called "Action Mom" and it was sooo funny!

So whats with this whole "Rest in Peace" thing?

Well...I made a video yesterday...:/

I had NO idea that this happened...and I was NOT happy! Copyright's a b*@!#$. It really is.
I'm losing subscribers, and it sucks! I'm still going to post videos...but I can't leave AZS on there because half are completely blocked and I dont have the time for audioswap. I worked on these chapters for a little more than a year, and now they are gone! :(

Maybe it's time for a break anyway.

I'll try and make more parodies and stuff.

Well, I'm done here.

2009 MTV Movie Awards Nominees

It's that time of year! The 2009 MTV Movie Awards will be held on May 31st!

Last year's was amazing to us kuuipos! <3333

Not only did Zac win, but Vanessa came with him! We didn't think he had a chance, and we thought she wasn't coming! I SCREAMED when I saw them on the TV!

So, anywhoo....V. O. T. E......VOTE!

Best Movie: HSM3

Best Male Performance: Zac Efron

Breakout Female Performance: Vanessa Hudgens

Best Kiss: Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens


Z&V weren't even nominated to BE nominated for best kiss....but they had a suggestion box for if you liked someone else!

If Z&V reenact it...*DIE*

VOTE RIGHT NOW! (oh, you need an account)


and STOP with the Vimax ads! They are really creepy!!!!

What Went Down

Hello World!

It's been days...weeks...months....years...Okay! Maybe just a few months! I've just been uber-busy with my schoolwork, dance, and the play. Has anyone heard of the musical "Curtains"? It was on Broadway last year, for only a year, because it was some sort of special engagment. Lyrics by Fred Ebb, and music by John Kander, with additional lyrics by Kander and Holmes. It was created by the creators of "Carbaret" and "Chicago", so it ought to be good! (Believe me, it IS!) I finished my last performance about 3 weeks ago. Did I have a name? No. It's only my second show, and my first musical. I danced, I sang, I splitted. Yadda yadda yadda.

So my last post was about the Kids Choice Awards. As you may (or may not know) The nominations listed?


So we got some cute pictures and such that I haven't reported. Ohhh wellllll.....

Oh, and the Oscars? Yep! That was not a lie! It was AMAZING! :)

So many things happened that I'm just too lazy to report. Maybe if I was here when it happened, I would.

Here are SOME things:

ZV at yet another bball game. NBA=PDA

17 Again was amazing!!!!

Zac's New Movies:

The Life and Death (or is it Death and Life?) of Charlie St. Cloud
Jonny Quest (Confirmed!)

Vanessa's New Movies:
Sucker Punch

WHAT is with the "size" ads? It's soooo annoying!!!!!

YAWN. I'm a little tired of typing right now. PEACE! :)

VOTE VOTE VOTE! KId's Choice Awards!

It's SLIME TIME, baby!!

As you may, (or may not) know, The Kid's Choice Awards are on Nickelodeon on MARCH 28th! That's about...26 days! Hopefully, you know what fans can do! *pats myself* Last year? MTV movie awards? Zac won! Against like....EVERYONE! (and he got a little kiss from V! stupid blonde lady!) Oh, and, the Teen Choice? Vanessa won best hottie!

So what are we voting for?


Best Movie Actress-Vanessa Hudgens

Best Movie- High School Musical 3.

OH and Zac is presenting....hm...

and "The Rock" is the host! This might be fun!

Too bad I'm going to be in Disney...I'll see it anyway! :)




You can vote everyday, so vote NOW!


You MUST Watch the Oscars on Sunday!


You MUST watch it. You wanna know why?


Not just Zac presenting...

They will be singing and dancing!

Will we get a waltz that we've been wanting?

Will their voices bring the house down?


I'm thinking it's a musical tribute of some sort. Dreamgirls, HSM, Mamma Mia!...

Was Hugh Jackman in a musical?

Maybe they will do a medley (CIHTD anyone????)

Now that I've gotten your hopes up...it's not COMPLETELY confirmed yet.

Here is the article from E!'s Marc Malkin:

Host Hugh Jackman won't be the only star singing and dancing at Sunday's Academy Awards.

Several sources say that the Aussie hunk will be joined on stage by Beyoncé, High School Musical stars and real-life couple Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens and Mamma Mia!'s Amanda Seyfried. Dominic Cooper, Seyfried's costar and rumored boyfriend, will also likely participate, but I'm told scheduling conflicts still have to be resolved to make it work.

One source tells me that Jackman and Beyoncé have been rehearsing at the Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York City.

The entire group begins rehearsals tonight here in Hollywood, according to another source.

The song-and-dance routine is being directed by Jackman's Australia director Baz Luhrmann. No stranger to musicals, Luhrman's credits include Moulin Rouge!, Romeo + Juliet and Strictly Ballroom. Jackman reportedly requested to have Luhrmann stage the Oscar number.

As I first told you earlier today, Efron is also expected to present Best Original Song.

No word yet on what they'll singing and dancing to. First-time show producers Laurence Mark and Bill Condon have kept a tight lid on their plans, but have continually stressed that they intend to shake things up on the movie industry's biggest night of the year.

Reps for the stars and the Oscars did not comment.

This could be true, for there are pix of Hugh at rehearsals on JJ.

We'll just wait and see.


The 81st annual Academy Awards will telecast live on ABC from Hollywood's Kodak Theatre.